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Temperature and Humidity Chamber

T/H Series from Weiss Envirotronics Testing Instument (Taichang) Co.,Ltd. —the temperature & humidity chamber that stands alone.Designed and engineered to give you lasting value, performance and reliability for all your climate testing applications. The intelligent engineered test space design allows for maximum airflow coverage and accurate gradients.

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Fast Change Rate Chambers

Xcel Series..EX20, EX40, EX60

Fast Change Rate Chambers from Weiss Envirotronics provides temperature and humidity testing withflexibility through intelligent engineering, ergonomic design, broad temperature range and lasting reliability and durability. Available in many standard model configurations that fit most testing applications,the Xcel Series includes standard features that allow for accurate and precise product testing.Optional accessories allow you to customize your testing applications.The easy-access panels allow for easy maintenance. The Xcel Series provides fast change rates and accurate testing in a compact design.

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Custom Fast Change Rate Chambers

Xceed Series.. ET/EH40, ET/EH64, ET/EH8-ECA, ET/EH18-ECA, ET27-HAF, ET72-HAF, ET140-FBA, ET210-FBA 

Custom Fast Change Rate Chambers is the Environmental Test chamber from Weiss Envirotronics that gives unlimited options. Designed, engineered, and built to your specifications the Xceed Series offers flexible temperature and humidity ranges, sizes that meet your exact testing requirement and available options that provide unmatched product testing 

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Thermal Shock

Vertical Thermal Shock..TSV11.

TWO ZONE, SINGLE CAPACITY (-2) (One hot zone & one cold zone) The products under test travel via a vertical lift elevator, alternating between the hot and cold zones. TWO ZONE, DOUBLE CAPACITY (-2D) (Two hot zones & one cold zone) In the two zone, double capacity system, the cold zone is always in use, which contributes to the efficiency of the system

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